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From 6 all the way to 44 shelves, our display racks are capable of holding anything up to 3.5" tall and 7" wide. All shelves are designed to hold two 3.5"x3.5" stickers side by side.

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All display racks come with the option of a customizable logo. Simply place the legs of the sign into the 3 holes in the top of the display.  

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  • Wood: Plywood

Made from high-quality plywood, you have the option of a dark walnut stain. This will darken the birch plywood while making the grain pop out. Displays that are not stained will be bare birch plywood.

  • Shelf Fronts: Plexiglass

Plexiglass is used as the front panel of each shelf. Plexiglass is much more durable than glass, while still allowing customers to view your product

  • Base Spinner: Ball Bearing

Every base uses a spinning "ball bearing" system that allows the body of the display to rotate for the most comfortable viewing of your items. Annual oiling of the base may be required.

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  • Color: White, Dark

  • Number Of Shelves: 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 44

  • Sign: Custom Sign, No Sign

  • Magnetic Panel: Magnetic Panel, No Magnetic Panel

Custom Product Display | Display Rack | Sticker DIsplay | KMR WoodWorks


From your homes counter holding essinatinal oils to your business, these displays are made with the utmost care to insure they will look great wherever you put them.



Our displays are designed for lifetime use. If a display does not meet the description, it may qualify for returns. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

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